Healthy, happy employees.

Morrissey Insurance recognizes that an effective employee benefits portfolio and health insurance program must do more than provide basic coverage. In today’s environment of escalating health care costs and insurance premiums, it is more important than ever to embrace at least some level of wellness promotion. However, the specific type, scope and ultimate goals of these programs will vary.

In most cases, all would agree that the basic wellness principles of disease prevention and disease intervention are important and necessary. On the other hand, the current health care system can seem cumbersome and hard to navigate for the typical member. It is, therefore, important to offer members convenient access to the right type of structured wellness programs for prevention, intervention and medical management.

For smaller employers, the programs may revolve around basic preventative health care promotion and general good health awareness. For larger employers, the programs are likely to be based on specific health care needs of the member population. These programs are often integrated directly into the health plan from a care delivery and statistical tracking perspective.

Regardless of your company size, we can assist your human resources and benefit staff with implementing a program that works for your organization.